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Our Journey So far

We are a chain of Bakery and Quick Service Restaurant operating in Bangalore since 2012. We specialize mainly in baked products such as Cakes, Pastries, Desserts of various kinds, Breads and Fast Food. We have also branched out to other specialities including Corporate Catering and Outdoor Catering. We are the pioneers in the Industry when it comes to combining successfully all the elements of a Bakery, Cafe and Restaurant under one roof. We operate from our outlets as well as on Franchisee Model

Calvin’s was started by a group of passionate individuals who believed in their skills and the desire to expand in the ever growing food industry with a focus on good quality products, service, attention to detail and constant development and improvement of products for the evolving customer demands and their changing palate.

To provide the best quality products and service at reasonable and affordable prices and ensure our customers get the best value for their money.

To grow in the food industry by combining the best standards of quality and service.

To remain the pioneers with consistent innovation and retain our unique identity.

We offer a wide variety and range of products which can be broadly classified as follows;

Cakes – Including customized cakes for birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion.

Pastries and Desserts – Offering 250+ varieties of pastries and desserts on a regular basis.

Breads and Cookies – Including a wide range of artisan breads.

Chocolates and Confectioneries – We offer a wide variety of home-made chocolates which includes – moulded chocolates.Snacks and Fast Food – Our food products are equally versatile as our bakery products. You can explore from a range of quick bites such as Sandwiches and Burgers to a much more elaborate dining experience which includes an all-day breakfast menu and main course items served on a QSR model.

Food Safety and Quality Policy

The food safety and quality policy of Calvins Bakery consists in principle of the complete satisfaction of our customers regarding the safety and quality of our bakery products.

We, the management and employees of the company Calvins Bakery, are focused to our continuous improvement and we are committed to the following objectives:

The implementation and continual improvement of our Food safety and Quality system.

The continuous training of our staff to ensure a high level of expertise about food safety and product quality.

The Careful selection of our suppliers and food materials.

The continuous improvement in processes, production and hygiene environments by complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
The documentation and monitoring of the company’s quality and food safety targets provided by each department.

Our kitchens have followed series of precautionary measures to make your cake preparation in a healthy and safe environment. Following comprehensive measures have been taken.

Sanitized Environment

All areas to be thoroughly disinfected before daily morning entry, with special emphasis on high-frequency touch points.
Freshly-prepared bleach solution (1% sodium hypochlorite) or phenolic disinfectants to be used to clean furniture, washbasins, and toilets.
Sanitization of common areas (reception, elevator, lounge) to be done every 6 hours with phenolic disinfectant.
Face mask and gloves available for riders coming to pick up the order
WHO or government approved sanitising agents to be used to clean raw food material and kitchen supplies.

Trained Staff

All staff to observe social distancing rules at all times
Staff to wear masks (3-ply or N95) and gloves at all times.
Routine temperature check to be done twice a day with mandatory leave for anyone with temperature above 99.1℉.
Regular staff training to be initiated for maintaining social distancing norms, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette